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Vipro Car Care

Exterior Bundle

Exterior Bundle

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Our exterior bundle provides you with everything that you will need to give your vehicle exterior the perfect clean.


Bundle includes:

Citrus Pre-Wash 1Ltr

Alka-Foam 1Ltr

Thick Cherry Shampoo 1Ltr

H2O Repel 500ml

Non Acidic Wheel Cleaner 500ml

Matt Tyre Dressing 500ml

Hanging Air Freshener


Citrus Pre-Wash: A highly concentrated formula to help breakdown dirt and grime for any cleaning task prior to a contact wash to reduce the risk of damaging paintwork.

Alka-Foam: An alkaline based snow foam designed to breakdown road grime and traffic film with ease. When applied through a foam lance it leaves a thick blanket of foam for maximum dwell time.

Thick Cherry Shampoo: Specially developed to give maximum lubricant during the contact wash stage effectively removing traffic film and grime. Once rinsed it will leave the vehicle ready to apply your protective coating.

H2O Repel: Specially developed to give long lasting instant protection to the vehicle and a superb hydrophobic coating. This versatile product can be applied either through a foam lance or spray bottle.

Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner: A high performance cleaner for all types of wheel. It effectively removes stubborn brake dust and traffic film grime from all surfaces without the use of hazardous acids.

Matt Tyre Dressing: A specially formulated solvent based treatment for your tyres. It will restore a new and natural finish with long lasting effects. Simply apply with a soft brush or sponge pad to create an even finish.

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